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at the drop of a hat
"I had a chance to check out several of the new songs [from 'at the drop of a hat'] online. I enjoyed what I heard. The writing, production, vocals and musicianship were all strong and well done. Very polished and professional, indeed!"
Eugene Foley, Foley Entertainment, Inc. - July 13, 2010

"Here's some quick specs on the band: a two piece, usually just guitar, simple percussion or other noises, and two amazingly skilled singers. [...] there are some things this band does right: the vocal control of Allie Silverberg is impressive, the melodies are unique-- so unique that sometimes its even hard to see how someone would craft such things. But they do craft such things--somehow. [...] if it clicks, well, then it clicks, and you're going to listen to the whole thing and love it."
Darren Bridenbeck, Potlatch Presents - June 4, 2010 (full review)

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"I love cephalomama.  Its silly and beautiful and it made me cry.  Thank you for caring about what all of us should.  You guys are good peeps and artists.  I admire you."
Jason C. - July 1, 2011, email

"I just finished listening, really listening, to the whole album [at the drop of a hat] for the first time. I really like. I think you are not only developing a personalized sound, you are learning to own that sound and make it work for you. I liked some songs better than others, but the album has a whole and complete feeling to it and as a single entity I think it's great. I especially like Thirsty. I think it's the bass line, but there is a fairly distorted sound at the bottom that just pushes that song along with an incredible ferocity."
Leeor S. - July 24, 2010, email

"Love letter 2 is so frigging awesome (and hip). I can't stop listening to it! ... I loved the up-tempo and harmonies and what not. You'll be signed by Sub-Pop within the year!!!"
Joe B. - July 14, 2010, Facebook

"I heard 'Birdsong' on the Bandcamp page, and I ran for my credit card...Gorgeous song."
Jason W. - June 3, 2010, Facebook

"package received, music-playing disc is spinning, enjoyment occurring, will continue - congrats on a very handsome release!"
Luke - June 3, 2010, Twitter

"Sound Semantics put on a great, rocking, energized show at my gallery. I also enjoyed working with them--very dependable, and they even brought their equipment early so another band could use it."
Melissa S. - October 9, 2008, MySpace